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an initialism of or a short abbreviated form for three foreign languages, and namely they are "Bahasa Yakut" (or the Sakha language), "Bahasa Yiddish" (or the Yiddish language), and "Bahasa Yunani" (or the Greek language).
(Lozi) those; (Osing) front porch, verandah.
Vyasa, the divine teacher of spirituality. Sage and author of the Mahabharatha (and hence Bhagavad Gita) and other major religious works in Hinduism like Brahma sutras as well as the compiler of numerous scriptures.
an industrial city and river port in northern Poland.
(sports) a free passage in advance into the next or second round of a tournament without playing an opponent. In other words, a player is given a bye when he or she is allowed to skip a match and automatically move to the next round of a tournament.
an industrial city in southwestern Poland.