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a group of prokaryotic organisms without organized chloroplasts but having chlorophyll a and oxygen-evolving photosynthesis, capable of fixing nitrogen in heterocysts, occurring in lichens both as primary photobionts and as internal or external cephalodia, still commonly called blue-green algae.
also known as the Cyber City, it is a township that forms a key part of the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia. It is situated about 50 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.
a subgenre of science fiction. This deals with the effect of the internet, virtual reality, cloning, et cetera (i.e. plausible science fiction) within a dark science fiction setting. Generally set in the near future, often with psychadellic effects and of dangerous morality.
also known as a cyc. A very large piece of white fabric, tensioned on two or more sides, which covers the entire back wall of the stage. It can be lit in various colours or have slides or gobos projected onto it.
a Polish digital satellite platform. It offers 600 radio and television channels. 40 of these are dedicated for Polish audience. The remaining ones are free-to-air from Hot Bird and Astra satellites. Due to the availability of original sound tracks, it is also an excellent television platform for foreigners who stay in Poland, as well as for students of languages.
a constellation in the northern hemisphere between Pegasus and Draco in the Milky Way, which contains a black hole; a genus of Anatidae.
an ancient region of northeast Libya bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. It was colonized by the Greeks in the seventh century before Christ and it became a Roman province in the first century before Christ.