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Perkataan Melayu yang TERPANJANG di dunia dalam alam Bahasa Melayu[sunting]

(Perhatian: Percakapan saya selalu adalah dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Harap maaf jikalau kepada sesiapa yang tidak berapa faham dalam bahasa tersebut dengan apa saya sedang terangkan dan maksudkan di sini. Bantuan amat diperlukan untuk penterjemahan amanat di sini kepada Bahasa Melayu. Harap maklum, terima kasih!)

Can anyone ever wonder or even figure it out before of about what is the world's longest word ever in the world of the Malay Language? It seems to me that the most sought-after-cum-prominent of all languages of this world currently so far is still the English Language (where all the amazing facts and figures about such language can be easily thought of or discovered since it is also the most popular-cum-globally and widely-used languages on this planet Earth!) and yet not much attention and focus is directed towards other foreign languages especially when it comes to or regarding on the Malay Language here which majors most or covers completely in this dictionary. Besides, many locals (i.e. Malaysians) around still unable to think up with or to have any idea about what long words are (or should I coined the term and say "longies"?) or even know what is this all about up until now! "Sigh!" This is sad! (Well, except for a scarcely number of people particularly for those "lucky" locals or Malaysians who already knew about it!) Therefore, since this is a Wiktionary where as far as all the Malay words are concerned and compiled into this so-called "Wiki-kamus", it would a great pleasure for me to show or to reveal it to you the genuine Malay "longies" in this language here.

You may think that the longest Malay word you have come across or encountered so far (or maybe even in your entire lifetime!) is this: mempertanggungjawabkan which only has or contains twenty-two (22) letters and it is also fairly a common word for most of you all as well as to the other local people out there who are yet coming to read this and who deemed it as one the longest! However, I do believe that there are some other words which are slightly or much, much, and much longer or somehow roughly about the same number of letters than the aforementioned Malay word above. If you think you are really sure or correct in stating/confirming that such Malay word of 22 letters is the longest of all, this will be your reply/result/answer: YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG!!! As a matter a fact, let me present to you the rightly, really, and truly the longest word of all ever in the Malay Language World is this!:


Taa-daaa...! Long isn't it? Longer than what you have expected or anticipated! This word above was derived or originated from what I have found a few years ago from this Internet website which entitled: A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia, Page 11 under the sudheading of "LONG WORDS (OTHER LANGUAGES)". That "longie" contains a whopping of forty-five (45) letters as compared to the one previously with only 22 letters! About that word as based upon, referred to, or according to the reader from that source-webpage itself, the definition of that word means "has been undiversified of uncharged electrostatic electricity." There are also two others in which they are much longer by just one extra letter but of the same words (that is, taken from the second big blue original "longie" above) with different Malay prefixes, they are:


[with forty-six (46) letters], meaning: "to undiversify uncharged electrostatic electricity" and


[also with forty-six (46) letters], meaning: "the process of undiversifiying uncharged electrostatic electricity."

However, the latter two are no longer the frequently and widely used spellings in its language usage. Come to think of it, it is plainly queer and strange indeed that nobody or not even one could show and present such pretty things in here about something very cool and unusual but incredible and interesting stuffs apropos of the Malay Language itself! Why could not or should not they know, realise, or understand about this? "Sigh (again)!" ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 18:19, 3 Ogos 2006 (UTC)Balas[balas]