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In search of the 50th Wiki-word entry in Kamus Wiki.[sunting]

(Perhatian: Percakapan saya adalah selalu dalam Bahasa Inggeris, sudah dijadikan sebagai kebiasaan hidup saya sejak kecil lagi. Harap maaf jikalau kepada sesiapa yang tidak berapa faham dalam bahasa tersebut dengan apa saya sedang terangkan dan maksudkan di sini. Bantuan amat diperlukan untuk penterjemahan amanat di sini kepada Bahasa Melayu. Harap maklum, terima kasih!)

I have done my own elementary research manually and some thorough analysis studies in searching for the fiftieth word entry of this Wiktionary by using its sandbox here not too long ago. From what I have discovered and observed in my findings so far, and as what it has been stated plus recorded from the Wiktionary's Announcement page by Aurora earlier this year: the 50th word entry was created on August the 1st, 2006AD. I am unsure whether this statement has already been confirmed for authentication based on what she has already mentioned. Nevertheless, this has prompted me to do a survey myself as diligently as possible before the coming number of words entries inserted into this dictionary increases at an unprecedented rate like such that has never happened before. Below is what I have found and obtained from the past archives of Special:Recentchanges page as of that aforementioned date where the word entry count reaches 50:

As you can see from above here, out of all seventeen edits submitted within that day, only two edits were marked with a bold uppercase "B" letter each, in which of course it indicates that a new page is created. However, since Takwim is an uppercase word redirect page (which it will be scheduled for deletion at a later time), and it is not considered as a legitimate page, thus I am more inclined towards the non-word-entry page id est Kamus bahasa Indonesia/Ab to be designated as the fiftieth page creation of that day, albeit it is a vocabulary word list. I hope you all guys would come to a general concurrence on which of what I just said is correct. ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 18:14, 2 Julai 2007 (UTC)

Bagus sekali ada orang yang rajin membuat penyelidikan menyeluruh sebegini :) Tarikh 1 Ogos diambil dari suntingan ini. Seperti yang direkodkan, jumlah lema kita bertambah dari 49 menjadi 52 antara 1 dan 11 Ogos. Disebabkan Kamus bahasa Indonesia/Ab merupakan masukan-bukan-lema dan oleh itu tidak dikira dalam jumlah lema, saya mencadangkan cemburu dijadikan perkataan ke-50 berdasarkan senarai ini. ...Aurora... 11:16, 4 Julai 2007 (UTC)
Thanks a lot for your acknowledgement and I really appreciate that! It was truly a tremendous drudgery and hard work for me to do such thorough investigations, never have I done this before ever since coming here! Besides, I have recently granted your request of having the Malay word entry cemburu to be accepted as the 50th word-entry in this Kamus Wiki. No doubts about it! Once again, thanks! ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 08:45, 5 Julai 2007 (UTC)