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(Perhatian: Percakapan saya selalu adalah dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Harap maaf jikalau kepada sesiapa yang tidak berapa faham dalam bahasa tersebut dengan apa saya sedang terangkan dan maksudkan di sini. Bantuan amat diperlukan untuk penterjemahan amanat di sini kepada Bahasa Melayu. Harap maklum, terima kasih!)

My apologies for the humiliating mistake of my edit summary shown from here as a result of my accidental bustling carelessness. It is NOT the edit summary that goes "Similar like those 3 Wiktionary pages just now, I am removing the whole top notice's font style (in Malay only) of italic plus taking away its margin space on the left due to the template placing.", causing an unwanted duplicate of the previous edit summary which the latter had been accidentally pressed and it was firmly recorded back in its history page, stuck as it was not intended to because it is considered as a typo error! In actual fact, it should be read like this, the proper way: "Then, subtituting it by embedding my recently made or created new Wiki-template of "kembang senarai" onto the same place where it was first given without it." Thanks for excusing me! ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 21:12, 15 Mei 2007 (UTC)