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Lihat juga laman bantuan Kamus Wiki. Untuk menandatangani sebuah pesan pada laman perbualan, seperti laman ini, letakkan ~~~~ (empat kali tanda gelombang). Semoga anda menikmati kunjungan anda di Wiktionary Bahasa Melayu. Salam! ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 08:42, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

Sahutan saya mengenai "Anda dijemput menjadi ahli projek".

You might find me somewhat insane and a bit surprised by the English language that I am very used to speak around here all these years of service in this Wiktionary, but because I noticed your user page having the template whose English proficiency level is equivalent to that of a professor, in my belief you should not have any qualms conversing with me in such widely-spoken linguistic, are you? Alright, needless to say I still can read and understand Malay, however I hardly ever spoken by it, except on certain situations like when the person or anyone is not pretty well-versed in English for example Pengguna:Putera Luqman Tunku Andre. If you truly want to know why, it is more due to my real-life upbringing since young..... ermmm..... long story. OK, let us broach about the Malay Wiki Meet Up. I am still undecided whether I should join via enlisting myself into the aforementioned Wikiproject when just not long ago, a few Wiktionarians especially one active administrator of this site intently cautioned me about the risks of intruding and disclosing her personal privacy. Which subsequently leads to this question: If someone values his or her own privacy so much, then how to have a better meet up or in other words, a local public Wikiconference dubbed as the Malay Wikimania with him or her? I am a little confused at the moment concerning the Rapat Umum. Hence, perhaps you could be patient with me for a while until I can come with a clear decision. By the way, would not it be much easier for me if both of us are to communicate here rather than in Wikipedia since I am more available here instead of being there? There are just so many gaps to fill in here! Thanks. ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 10:37, 2 Oktober 2008 (UTC)Balas[balas]