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Use this template in the Etymology section as a possible replacement for language-specific etymology templates listed under Wiktionary:Etymology/language templates.

This template takes 2 positional parameters:

  1. The language code of the source language — that is, the language the lexeme (word) comes from. Aside from normal language codes, one can pass codes here for language families (though they all have a etyl: just pass in the code like normal and {etyl} will find it).
  2. Optionally, the language code of the destination language — that is, the current language — for categorization purposes; or - (hyphen) if no category should be added. If omitted, en (English) is assumed.

....and 1 named parameter:

  1. {{{sort}}} is an alternative version used for the ordering of the word in the descendants category, generally for languages with diacritics which sort incorrectly.

This template will

  • Generate a link to wikipedia article of a source language.
  • Categorize the lexeme into appropriate category.

An example for English lexeme, for

(ka is the language code for Georgian):

==Etymology 2==
From {{etyl|ka}} {{term|sc=Geor|მწკრივი |tr=mts'k'rivi|lang=ka}}.
From bahasa Ralat Lua: Parameter 2 is required.. .

An example for non-English lexeme, for Latin

(grc is the language code for Ancient Greek):

From {{etyl|grc|la}} {{term|συνώνυμον|tr=sunōnumon|lang=grc|sc=polytonic}}
From bahasa Latin [Term?]

An example for a non-English lexeme which is not categorized, for translingual


From {{etyl|grc|mul}} {{term|χλαμύς||cloak, mantle|tr=khlamus|lang=grc|sc=polytonic}} +
From bahasa Ralat Lua pada baris 95 di Modul:parameters: Parameter 2 should be a valid language, etymology language or family code; the value "-" is not valid. See WT:LOL, WT:LOL/E and WT:LOF.. + …

Although mul is the code for "

Rentas bahasa رنتس بهاس

", we have no category structure for translingual etymology, so such words are not placed in any Descendants category.

As a mnemonic, the template’s name is an abbreviation for ety'mology language, hence etyl.


Implemented using {{language}}, which uses {{lang:...}}.