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Today is my birthday! Just nice for me to nominate myself to become an administrator for this Kamus Wiki after touching or achieving more than a thousand edit counts on the 27th of February ever since my first stay here on the 6th of July last year! (Well in fact for the first time in my life, I started encountering or experiencing Wiki was even further way back sometime in November 2003AD when I first use the English Wikipedia.) Now realising its number of Wiki-administrative shortages, I guess it would be helpful enough for all of you guys by allowing me to volunteer myself as the third admin somehow to try and assist more with this small Wiki-site by pushing higher as quick as possible (Wiki is define as "quick" in Hawaiian), and also I will try my best as I can to be careful as well whenever I attempt to edit or maintained anything into this place. Besides speaking on admin status, I am a bit curious on what the admin functions look like. :-) Anyway concerning my language background, I do understand Malay quite substantially through reading although I am always used to speak and write in English at home. However, there are times where I need to be away from this Wiktionary due to some of my real life concerns and needs (especially my accountancy studies in college) every now and then. Nevertheless, I will always be coming back here after being "away-from-keyboard" when the time feels right for me to continue my goals or passion of dwelling and also improving into this online-dictionary until it probably reaches around 10000 word-entries by the year 2020AD (signifying Dr Mahathir's Vision), with condition that if each and every user here is always collaborative! Only its destiny determines that! Lastly, that is all I have to say and thanks a lot! :-) --onWheeZierPLot 17:30, 3 Mac 2007 (UTC)

Pictogram voting oppose.svg Tidak setuju. ...Aurora... 11:23, 8 Mac 2007 (UTC)
Pictogram voting oppose.svg Tidak setuju. Yosri 11:54, 14 Mac 2007 (UTC)
:'-( KENAPA??? Pada mulanya saya menyokong awak, sekarang awak pula menentang saya balik. Hang ini hampir macam hendak mengkhianati saya-lah! Apakah maksud engkau semua ini? --onWheeZierPLot 07:40, 9 Mac 2007 (UTC)