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Bahasa Inggeris

Kata keterangan کات کترڠن[sunting]

remotely (perbandingan more remotely, kepalingan most remotely)

  1. Jumlah yang sedikit.
  2. Secara jauh.

Etimologi ايتيمولوݢي[sunting]

remote +‎ -ly

Sebutan سبوتن[sunting]

Terjemahan ترجمهن[sunting]

Tesaurus تساوروس[sunting]

Sinonim سينونيم
  1. slightly, fairly, partly, somewhat, quite, a little, mildly, vaguely, pretty, a bit.
  2. distant, far, remote, lonely, inaccessible, outlying, away, outermost, sequestered, isolated, removed, apart, solitary, inconsiderable, withdrawn.
Antonim انتونيم
close, near.