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Please "Comment on content, not on the Contributer"!

Harap-haraplah awak faham apa yang saya sedang cakapkan dan maksudkan di sini!

Hhmmm....... and hey, this seems to be my very first discussion message into somebody's talk page here in the Malay Wiktionary! What a surprise! Anyway dear Aurora, needless to say do we meet again! Do you still able to remember or to recall back the incident when we had a slight dissension-like discussion from the Malay Wiktionary's Talk/Discussion Page that happened marginally more than a month ago concerning me allegedly doing some "idle-cum-inaction business" which actually turned out to be untrue? Kindly please spare a thought or two for a while by reading and comprehend painstakingly to/with my reply post or message from that Wiktionary's talk page over there regarding of what you have stated or typed. Moreover, please consider carefully of what I am trying to express sincerely over there on my post in order or so that next time you will not simply emit out such somewhat and apparent "uncivil" statement/remark to other people i.e. Wikipedians again when it comes to terms of discussing or commenting about ways to improve this Wiktonary (plus other Wiktionary word-entries as well). Thank you. onWheeZierPLot 08:30, 22 Ogos 2006 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Ya, saya pun setuju (juga)! Semoga Wiki-kamus ini akan terus berjaya kelak! Sementara itu, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-49 di Malaysia! Yeah!!! Satu permintaan: Bolehkah saya tanya di mana biasanya tempat tinggal hang ni dan juga negeri manakah saudara Aurora bertempat di negara ini? Sahaja ingin nak tahu-lah! Saya tak kisah seberapa pun dan tak apa-lah jikalau anda tidak mahu manjawab soalan saya tersebut! Barang apa pun, (sekian) terima kasih! :) onWheeZierPLot 04:45, 30 Ogos 2006 (UTC)Reply[balas]


Hai Aurora, Nampaknya anda aktif di sini. Sayapun nampaknya perlu juga meluangkan masa di sini nampaknya. Cuma pertanyaan, kenapa ada istilah Inggeris di sini? contoh this. Yosri 11:46, 12 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Templat Laman Pengguna Wikikamus.

Dear Aurora, needless to say do we meet again!:) I know that it is very surprising and quite astonishing to see such sudden, obvious, and drastic change onto your Wiktionary Userpage! Actually, it is me doing it that I have helped you to put that userpage template onto your Wiktionary userpage. I hope you do not mind about this plus I do also hope that you do not find it perturbing regarding about what I am doing this for you!:) Well, the reason on why I am doing this is because of what you have shown by your brighter and positive side of your personality to me particularly from what you have "written" or stated into my user-talk-page recently concerning about the not-so-good times that we had in this Wiktionary's talk page roughly more or less than two months ago! And thus on behalf of such predicament, what I am really grateful for is your message of pleasantness and of your encouragement towards me that prompted me to owe you this in return by putting that aforementioned template onto your userpage in order to be nice to you! You can erase it if you want to! Surely, I really do not mind about that removal matter since this is your own userpage that you should be accountable for! Thanks!:) Yours faithfully, onWheeZierPLot 06:37, 14 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sahutan saya kepada "Suntingan banyak kali".

Hi Aurora, good to see you again. After I have noticed your message from my talk page, I do understand on what you are trying to inform or suggest it to me recently concerning about my numerous edits or my unrelenting edit counts. To be honest and for your information, I always did press the "show preview" (Malay = "tunjuk paparan") function button every time I check my edit. However, due to my frustrated experience of having encountered many edit conflicts with other editors that happen back in Wikipedia many times in the past, I decided to reduce spending too much time within every one edit, which has given me something to learn from it by making it into a new habit or a tendency of myself as a consequence when it comes to editing onto any Wiki website. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of my precious time when others come in to interrupt my edit changes onto any article and I have to do it all over again! "Sigh!" Is not that obstructing? (I find it really frustrating-lah! What to do? How can I lose my patience most of the time like that?) Plus, it is also because of my passion-driven attitude that motivates me as well as keeping me and my edit-count-factor going with full blast fuel power! That is why I dislike having many edit conflicts to happen here in this Wiktionary just in case it might occur in the future!

As a matter a fact, it is not surprising to see many others editors particularly Wiki-administrators who edit a lot! Thus, there seems to be nothing wrong with this editing phenomenon. If you do not believe me, take a look at other users or Wikipedians like Richard Farmbrough, Charles Matthews, and Simon Pulsifer for instance, they manage to edit up to more than 90,000 edit counts within just around five years!!! You might want to have a look at this statistical page here taken from the English Wikipedia, and you will know why. What is more, they considered it as one of the most important qualification factor to become an administrator through nomination! Did not you realise all of this? Not to mention that even Pengguna:PM Poon who also has this type of Editcountitis Symptom when he was actively contributing into this "Kamus Wiki" with the record of 264 edit counts in only fifteen days so far (30th of July until 13th of August, 2006AD)!!! In addition to that, suppose or if one has to press the "show preview" function every time in every edit, chances are: one will get the most delayed edit counts in life than compared to the one who usually does not press that function! Is not that true? (I am certain that you have studied before "probability" (Malay = "kebarangkalian") in mathematics, right?) Common sense will tell you in relation to that aforementioned example. Last but not the least, one good thing about users having many edit counts is that they are judged as the best user or the exemplified Wikipedian to them for the sake of their Wiki-culture. Anyway, thanks for paying attention.....however!

By the way, did you know that Pengguna:Master2841 is the One Hundredth (100th) Editor into this Malay Wiktionary? Why did not you send him a message of welcome and greetings for his new arrival into this place, as from what I did into his talk page not so long ago? onWheeZierPLot 15:28, 30 Januari 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Baiklah. Dengan tulus hati saya, mungkin perkara suntingan yang banyak tadi itu telah dijadikan sebagai tabiat terpengaruh saya yang kuat sejak awal dari kecil lagi bahkan telah menyebabkan anda berasa curiga. Tetapi sayang sekali ia tidak dapat diabaikan atau dilepaskan kerana ia adalah sangat susah, tidak mengambil kira di mana jua saya akan berada. Lagipun, seperti yang engkau telah sebutkan di muka perbualan saya baru-baru ini, apa saya boleh buat? Bagaimanapun dan sememangnya, itulah cara saya yang tersendiri secara pembawaan semulajadi (i.e. Inggeris = a person's nature) yang membezakan sifat-sifat orang lain atau orang di luar. Oleh itu, saya harapkan awak boleh memahami perangai saya serta cuba menganggapkan keghairahan suntingan lema-lema kamus Melayu saya sejauh ini dengan penuh perasaan hutang budi dan pemikiran bagi saya buat kali yang pertama pada hari ini supaya awak dapat tahu dengan saya seterusnya. Malahan, tolonglah membiarkan atau membenarkan saya buat apa yang saya tahu apa yang seharusnya dilakukan oleh saya demikian dan selanjutnya. (i.e. Inggeris = If you would just allow me or let me do what I know what I should do because I really know what I am doing. Please!) Jadi, itulah yang betul-betul membuatkan saya lega atau girang sebagai saya sendiri (i.e. Inggeris = just glad or contented to be myself and being myself) yang pernah saya alami di kamus Wiki selama ini. Sekian, Thanks. onWheeZierPLot 08:07, 5 Februari 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Concerning redirects, suppose or if the Wikimedia software is the only one main contributor where she is ought to help in creating redirects automatically-cum-instantly into this free online Malay dictionary, why is it that she did not do it thoroughly in the first place? Secondly, making redirects which are done by ordinary Wiktionarians like me at this time do not pose any big issues whatsoever, since such actions of redirecting one page to another page certainly has already considered as a common editing norm, something that is fully understood which can be prevalently found in other Wikis like in the English Wiktionary.
As of what I have observed in this Kamus Wiki regarding this redirecting matter, there are even Wiki-users like Gangleri who did a redirect of main Page [1] to the Kamus Wiki's Main Page as evidenced from here by himself without having to wait impatiently for help by the Wikimedia software. Plus not to mention that there are several others too who did that sort of redirection by themselves as well. If you are still sceptical, let us take a look at another user Emrrans who also redirect laman Utama [2] to its Wikikamus' Main Page as proven or shown from its redirect's history page here.
On the whole thing, Aurora, try not to take this matter so seriously into your hands as our fellow Wiki-editors are just attempting and cooperating to built this Wiktionary a better way to link entries as correctly as possible and no doubt any Wiki-website is a collective place for collaborative work. Moreover, I thought you have mentioned to me this: "Jangan harapkan orang lain sahaja membantu. Mulakanlah dahulu. Anda mampu mengubahnya." back from the Main Page's discussion page last year. Remember? If every editor including me here have to wait for the Wikimedia software to help us do redirects only by herself, how is it possible or achievable that this Malay Wiktionary we are broaching about would become a success in advance in the future, given that it has merely 143 words contained at present? Would not that be a waste of our time?
By the way, thanks for your compliment as well as your admiration about my innovative efforts in doing a re-makeover "facelift" for the new Wikikamus' homepage look! :-) It is as analogous as to how and why Microsoft Windows decided to change its Operating System graphical on-computer-screen features from XP to Vista! :-) Frankly, I find it quite daunting and very challenging in terms of modifying it at first, but later on I have tried my best to adapt it to its higher status in order that it can suit to its current environmental changes and I got to admit that indeed it was a tough one though! ("Phew!"..."berpeluh".....) Anyway and hence, I am greatly and gladly pleased and truly appreciated for this. Once again, thank you so very much!!! :-) onWheeZierPLot 16:30, 13 Februari 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Oh, saya tidak menyangka awak yang benar-benar maksudkan tadi kut! Tentu sekarang barulah saya faham sepenuhnya dengan apa yang engkau hendak sampaikan. Jadi tak apalah. Mungkin saya melandaikan sendiri dengan sedikit terburu-buru dan tidak sedar (Inggeris = oblivious) akan atau tentang perkara tersebut bahkan juga saya belum hadir atau "wujud" pada masa itu. Oleh itu, kadangkala saya tidak berapa faham apa yang awak cuba beritahukan disebabkan masa saya yang tidak diizinkan. (i.e. Inggeris = ...due to my certain time constraints.) Sementara itu, berkaitan dengan hal-hal yang lain pula, aku rasa ia lebih baik jikalau dibiarkan mereka meluahkan keterangan mereka sendiri adalah sangat sesuai sekali. Thanks for your total recall.....however! "Oh my-my-my!" onWheeZierPLot 13:11, 14 Februari 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sahutan saya kepada "Templat id".

Aurora, please understand that I am not trying to pretend or making myself to be clever or cleverer here, what I was actually doing is that I was only trying to help it out as I could by acting out or assuming in good faith, albeit of what you and others think or feel that I am not sure about certain stuffs including the one like what you have just mentioned recently! Now broaching on the Indonesian Wiki-template, there is this one thing that not only hampers me but also bewilders me the most: Why is it that those specific Malay entries with or which contains Indonesian entry sections where within their contents will always state with these same trite-cum-hackneyed cliches: "Lihat takrifan bahasa Melayu" repeatedly on each and every Wiki-Indonesian-word entry possible in this Kamus Wiki? While having its Indonesian template being existed in place beforehand, would not it be a lot more easier, simpler, and better off to edit or even to bring in that above-mentioned four-worded cliche into that template itself instead of or rather than merely fussing or pickying oneself around petty-mindedly and unknowingly to edit in that phrase the same thing obsessively one-by-one all over and over again on every Indonesian word you can find?? Last but not the least, one final say before I go, let me advise to you this: Nothing in life is to be a burden (when it comes to online Wiki-editing) because every professional Wiki-editor faces this same experience too and will face it again. Just correct it for the sake of its duty and take it as a challenge, no matter how great the mess and mistakes they can be. Remember, you are still holding the Wiki-administrator post of this Wiktionary. Thanks.....though.....('~')! onWheeZierPLot 20:42, 25 Februari 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sahutan saya kepada "Wiktionary" mengenai pengalihan lema dari bahasa asing.

Aurora, what do you mean when you mentioned that it is not acceptable or applicable for foreign words of other world languages to be moved or changed into Malay? I still do not get it or even comprehend fully of what you are trying to state back over there (that is, as from what you have typed into my talk page) a few days ago, including on why you are trying to defend your course of action after you noticed some of my intended page moves from other non-Malay Wiki-word entries. I am completely baffled about this matter on what you are doing after that! You really surprised me though! "Sigh!"

Broaching on the correct use of languages for every certain Wikis particularly in Wiki-word entries' naming conventions as in the case of this Wiktionary, I feel rather doubted (Melayu = "bingung") beyond apprehension that having other global languages to be included into this Kamus Wiki does not truly yield this Wiktionary as being a proper usable-cum-practical dictionary of the usual Malay vocabulary unlike anyone else of high standard plus popularity on a par with an Oxford Dictionary for solely English words. Such act is deemed a little bit inappropriate because by allowing other far-off unfamiliar words would only produce a full rojak dictionary or in other words, a chaotic and an unwholesome dictionary: a dictionary where everything get mingled and mixed-up with several or more languages until it goes out of point along with its substance! Do you not seriously think about it and consciously realize that complying such "principle" as a fundamental would only cause or result in total focal complications and chaos by users or readers of which language to follow? It is like having our Kamus Dewan being contained with both English and Malay word entries combined, becoming like a English-to-Malay Dictionary or a Malay-to-English Dictionary, instead of just an integral and pure Malay dictionary!

Likewise, look at what happened to the English Wiktionary right now, after browsing and skimming through hundreds and thousands of its Wiki-word entries long before I came here, sincerely I have to come clean that nearly each and every of its edited entries' format are completely in a mess and quite out of order which they ought to require some thorough clean-up for those cluttered and untidy entries! Worse still, the manner of its Wiktionarians laying out to their word entry design and the approach they maintained some of their entries was so unkempt and dishevelled that reading it almost makes me feel like want to vomit and fall sick or nauseating! Do you know that maybe at first they wanted to plan their English Wiktionary to become a Multilingual-Coordinated Dictionary as their main aim or objective, but now see what have they done to it after that? I do not think you might understand easily on how did they do it that causes such word entries to be read virtually like a mumbo-jumbo! Do you expect this similar incident to happened into this Kamus Wiki too? You got to be kidding if you agree!

Ever since from the initial stages of coming into this place, I always thought to myself resolutely that this Malay Wiktionary a.k.a. Kamus Wiki is solely just for Malay words coupled with its grammar, language, and other Malay-related stuffs as what it should be originally, until I decided that it is time to revolutionize all the word-entries thoroughly since this is a Malay Dictionary of Malays words and its lexicons after discovering that most of its word-entries found from this Wiktionary are in Malay! But if is not for Malay itself, why is it that this should still be called a "Malay" Wiktionary? Just like Kamus Dewan only puts in its vocabulary on what is accepted, authenticated, or confirmed as Malay, I would suggest that it should pursue equally by just incorporating with what is truly relevant, something that really makes a lot of sense, and the state of being understood plus comprehensible based directly and straightfowardly in the name of this Wiktionary. Otherwise, the free online dictionary that we are presently working on right now should not be named as a Malay Wiktionary or a Kamus Wiki at all. In addition to that, yet-to-arrive or naive users and readers might only think that this is only the Malay Wiktionary and not the Multilingual Malay Wiktionary, due to the largest proportionate number of its Malay entries available more comparable than to the minute number of English ones as they are a minority which merely take in roughly around ten out of 153 entries entirely (6.5%).

Apart from those problems aforementioned which I highlighted from this message, below these are also a few other somewhat hard-core plus constructive reasons I brought up on why I resolve it myself to change entirely into Malay which I believe you need to consider carefully:

  1. I got noted in the first place and was very sure you have been asked by Yosri about this same topic before from the above discussion into your talk page here too under the talk title "Hi." which he posted it last year. What and how do you respond to him and how are you going to explain to me about that?
  2. Up until now if you insist so staunchfully as well as persistently towards yourself regarding on having namespaces of English Wiki-word entries to be counted inside this Malay Wiktionary, then I wanted to ask you is this: What happens when someone else decided to create or establish another corresponding Wiki-word entries but it is in Malay? (For example, since there were already an entry abacus currently in existence, someone else has created another one called sempoa.) Will it be OK for that? How are you going to handle or manage that situation?
  3. Back in the English Wikipedia, we as Wikipedians were strictly informed or advised not to include, add in, or create articles that are not in the English Language especially when it comes to the article's name or title (Wikipedia:English). This is due to the mainstream trend where it should prefer to what the majority of English speakers would most easily recognize. Otherwise or if not for that matter we will be given a warning that we would be blocked indefinitely for not complying their guidelines. Thus, I got used habitually to that policy ever since then. That is why I got fairly puzzled on why is it seemingly necessary to have English entries inserted into this Wiki-kamus whilst I was here right after I first reach into this place.

Finally having said all these, I come to a decision that it would be considered as a normal and also a simpler custom for us if we better follow the general notion of others first regarding with what it has been wholly understood and accepted in such a way that the one individual language is undeniably that one individual language itself and nothing else. To put it in lay person's expression, it should be English is to English and Malay is to Malay concept respectively with absolutely no interference of one another in terms of naming its word entries. Again as what I have mentioned from the beginning, I just do not know why you have to revert back those eight Wiki-word entries to their un-Malay form when what we are currently "living" and collaborating into this site is still identified as the so-called Malay Wiktionary! I do hope and wish you could give your time to yourself to contemplate deeply in regards with this whole Wiki-word-entry-language-naming-perplexity incident. Thanks. onWheeZierPLot 21:54, 2 Mac 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sahutan saya kepada "Templat" dan "kategori".

Nuvola apps important.svg

Aurora, as I already have stressfully admonished you back before in the Main Page's discussion page, if you are really persistent on what you are defending against by complying firmly or strongly towards your own principles and just because the other wiki-editors (specifically me that is, most of the time) do not share your point of view in what they are achieving does not give you the right to hurl or impose legal threats at them. Furthermore it also does not mean that you can rightly assert or resort to your own "legal action" by blackmailing me or cowing against me straightaway. I would like to remind you that making such blackmail statements (either emotional or intentional) or cowing tones of your expression that goes ".....jika tidak anda akan disekat lagi." may not only lead to possible disputes, but it is deemed as uncivil and may later lead to a form of a potential personal attack, not to mention that they are and were completely unacceptable and intolerable.

Apart from that, I am not very sure whether you might be thinking and wondering why is it that I did not respond this matter to you lately but in fact I have been trying to be very patient with you towards myself not to react too hastily after encountering your two latest notification-like messages which I received from my talk page some moments ago regarding on what I am doing with those wiki-templates and wiki-categories.

Reading out through your messages, first and foremost of all, I did not intend to "spoil" or even "damage" all of those template pages simply by meddling each and every one of them because what I personally did was merely to integrate them by putting in its Wiki-markup link or wiki-linking them altogether into one template category connection and that is it with honest intentions, nothing else! Sincerely speaking I was totally unbeknownst or unaware about that and I really did not realise that working on it could marred those Wiki-word-entries' appearance as from what you have cited some entries from your "Templat" discussion post! For that reason, I would want to inquire why is it that or how can you state that I "merosakkan laman" as what you have typed into the block log's edit summary, which I feel that such edit summary assertion is totally the contrary or the different opinionated point of what I was trying to execute and rationalize? Nonetheless, I have already gain something and have experienced the situation or the environment of how one gets blocked within the duration given.

Secondly concerning categories, now I can understand how the system structure of category-linking works out after you have informed me about it. But and however what I truly want to emphasize you about is with this query: How is that a "mother" category cannot be together or go along with the "son" category? Finally as for the redirects concern, that is to say having many alternative redirects possible which I had made them into this Wiki kamus recently, I assumed that by doing so would be helpful enough for you or others to distinguish as well as to pinpoint which Wiktionary page’s redirect is not to be included into this Malay Wiki-dictionary for I am myself is just doing my own job, yet to grasp the full apprehension of their redirection characteristics and stuffs. However you seem to take it into your own hands instantly and impulsively by obliterating nearly each redirect page in every nook and cranny as feasible as you can find. A little bit ironically, unlike on what you did last time to those template redirect pages that you deleted, not all are removed completely; in other words, some of them still exist as leftovers.

Allow me to give you two examples: For redirects that reroute directly into this main templated page Templat:Pautan Projek Wikimedia, its current-cum-present remaining redirects are this, this, and this; this means that out of the former seven, you only deleted four. Likewise, for redirects that reroute directly into another main templated page Templat:Projeksaudara, its current-cum-present remaining redirects are this, this, this, this, and this; that is to say out of the original seven, you only deleted two. Have you observe the dissimilarity in terms of the amount of redirects left between the ones of template redirects as compared with the ones of Wiktionary redirects? Initially I thought that you wanted to get rid all of them entirely, but you did not and you leave a handful of them as it is until today. Then, how are you going to deal or manoeuvre both groups of redirects with that case in order to justify your actions? In the end of all this discussing affairs here and there, please watch and judge your tones in future conversations, this has been the second time you are doing at it. Thank you. onWheeZierPLot 20:03, 14 Mac 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

My replies to “Laman baru” and some unanswered questions of yours in “kategori”.

First of all, Aurora, what I have found out so far about your trait is that you do not seem to be a fairly capable surveyor throughout this entire Malay Wiktionary as far as from what I have observed over the last two months ago ever since this redirection stuff has got in to you for the very first time here, don't you? Bringing into the light of redirects again, I have retrieved some of the apparent and logical-naming redirects where you have deleted them all in one shot without any of your careful thought of sifting them out, including a few Wiki-template namespaces that have no breaks nor any spaces at all, that is to say, void of “interword separations” or words that stick together continuously.

I thought you have already stated once before in one of your many edit summaries that those Wiktionary namespace are clearly different from those Template namespace, remember? If that should be the right guideline, then the next time please do not ever come here and interrogate me that there is not even a template wikipage in subsistence within the presence of the Malay Wikipedia that has this kind of namespace which does not involve any interword separations whatsoever! By the way, referring to my previous discussion above, I have altered one word called “warned” by replacing it with another correct word called “admonished” which I believe that would sound better off properly in my message context, I hope you would not mind about it.

On the other hand, my humble apologies if my replies have been delaying you due to my strenuous monthly exams held in a couple of days ago in college. So let me clarify now to answer and reply to all of your almost-unanswered questions one-by-one and possibly some misunderstood ones also from your latest sent-in discussed messages that you have presented them to me in my discussion page, shall we proceed?

1) "Anda boleh memberi amaran dan saya tidak? Memang pelik bin ajaib."

Jawapan saya: Actually, it is not really that surprising, shocking, or something new to see non-administrators or ordinary users complaining to or even going on to higher extremes of criticizing vehemently against certain Wiki-administrators on alleged and disputed matters which are mostly done misleadingly by a few of them of holding such “online administration-cum-system-operator (sysop in short) status” who seem to occur unwelcomely or had appeared grudgingly towards them (that is, the users), whether intentional or unintentional. These cases obviously do happen sometimes unexpectedly on several occasions back in the English Wikipedia a lot of times up until today.

Besides, have not you read from what I have edited in back once into one of my edit summaries (especially somewhere amongst the latest ones) as it can be seen from your talk page’s history page’s top part where it was written (definitely by me, of course) in several tiny bits of chatspeak-like language prose shown or displayed here that goes like this: “Although it is clear that what you blackmail is not of a legal threat, but since you are an administrator I have encountered many other administrators who do that and I truly felt disturbed by it.” With that, there is one off-topic in which I would also like to share: what happens when an older user is being rebuked unknowingly by a young administrator? Would not that be considered even more disrespectful and rude in such a situation where the younger ones seem to have the total right to scold the older ones whom both are unbeknown to each other? It is almost as analogous as children thrashing their tantrums uncontrollably and simultaneously dissing behind their parents’ backs! How much more strange and weird situation is that than the one you state it (i.e. “memang pelik bin ajaib” expression) in my talk page?

2) "Tindakan undang-undang? Saya tidak pernah sebut pun."

Jawapan saya: Likewise to the first one, have you not correspondingly read or take notice from what I have mentioned in one edit summary of mine found from my own talk page’s history in response with your above question? I am unsure whether you have make sense of those two external links or not which I have embedded them into it but then again, maybe it would be a relief for me if I could recommend that same two Wikipedian noticeboard articles (in regards with this affair) one last time for you by taking your time to read this and also this with some of its sections that follow along the way for your information which I have come across while browsing through the English Wikipedia regarding on some pertinent conditions of how normal administrators should do and conduct. Otherwise, they (that is, the admins) will be targeted infamously by others where they even had another Wikipedian noticeboard page existed in place over there concerning those who want to make an open informal complaint or a bad report over the unruly behaviour of an administrator! For this reason, do be prudent, careful, and not to forget to be conscientious in whatever you do here, because sysops themselves too can make careless blunders, you know!

3) "Anda disekat kerana merosakkan bahagian terjemahan laman2 yg menggunakan templat2 tersebut. Saya tidak tahu apa yang anda cuba buat, saya cuma tahu apa yang anda telah buat."

Jawapan saya: Not much comments in response to this statement here but and however I am not sure to apprehend you on how are you going to live on and behave like this if you could not help yourself by emitting such excuse without resorting to investigate something behind the truth of one’s whole picture. Is that your only sole reason you can give and none other than that?

4) "Tolong jangan cipta laman baru melainkan anda berhasrat mengisinya dalam masa terdekat. Kategori dan interwiki tidak dikira sebagai isi."

Jawapan saya: Huh? Do you have to come up here and argue over with this small matter too? This another statement you made here sounds a bit unusual and is quite ridiculous! What are you talking about and what do you mean when you say that I must not create any more pages unless there is content? For your notification, it has been already understood totally and conventionally that there are several other Wiki-editors who create pages in this way first before only they can add in further relevant content in respective with their created articles or word entries! Have not you notice that before in other Wikis? Are not categories’ wiki-links be considered or counted as a content itself as well? Please do understand that not many editors are always the birds flocking together within the same line coming to terms of their habit or practice in creating pages, even when it means putting non-innards-but-connected pieces into it. It really does not matter much whether one writes it has to be a content or not a content, it is only a matter of creating it for as long as the same person who creates it or others (perhaps, in a short time possible) can come and help to fill in or to fill it out collaboratively so that later they can go on further to produce more like a good article content with notability by elaborating it and such and so on.

5) "Mengapa letakkan pemberitahuan dalam bahasa Inggeris? Inikan Wiktionary Bahasa Melayu."

Jawapan saya: My holy goodness! Apparently for the second time as from what I have seen by now, and to my astonishment, how is it that you still could not able to venture out furthermore by yourself daringly to explore or look-out and to scrutinize all the userpages' description thoroughly of this Malay Wiktionary?! Why is it you do not know the fact that there are also non-Malay Wiktionarians “living” among us as they are foreigners from other countries or overseas who even willing to registered themselves as users here into this Wiktionary? For instance, user Jon Harald Søby who hails from Norway, user Korg whose current residence is in France, and user Nilfanion who arrives from the British Isles better known as United Kingdom plus confessing himself to be unfamiliar with our local Malay language as it was written about himself from his userpage, as well as others which you can also detect them by looking at their foreign usernames as an alternative factor of where they come from outside the Malay-speaking region. Did you not take notice and realize all this? If you do not want me to communicate with them in English, what other universal languages available should I use or accustom with them?

Secondly, sincerely I am not a very competent linguist nor an ideal translator of languages particularly from English to Malay and vice-versa, as it is definitely not my true forte, after having fairly evidenced in what I had typed inside a handful of my edit summaries such as these two summaries selected as follow that reads: “Giving its dablink-like message to inform the Wiktionarians that this list is still incomplete. Can anyone out there help me with this interpretation or translation? and in another different situation “I created another new Wikitemplate for the purpose of a browse bar for all Malay subproverbs in KamusWiki. But my question is: Is the template namespace a correct translation of "Proverbs browse bar"?. Thirdly and apart from those previously alluded to, pardon me for I am yet perturbed, could not help myself but be bothered by, and almost bamboozled once again in dealing with some English and other foreign word entries being allowed here, not to mention with recent additions of two more undeniable extraneous words at its latest: One Japanese and the other one Chinese! What else can I suppose to do about them then? That is why I am doing this is for the cause of such intention! So much for a “Multilingual Malay Wiktionary”! “Sigh!”

6) "Perlu ke alihan yang banyak2 tu?"

Jawapan saya: Needless to say, of course! In a nutshell, my main two words to answer that query would be “comprehensive vocabulary”, whereby it is believed that well-established-cum-better standardized dictionaries like Cambridge, Harper Collins, Longman, Maximilian, Merriam Webster, Oxford, Random House, and several other greats were made are usually based with this mantra as one of their fundamental principles. Similar like in the English Wiktionary, these supplementary words redirected are unmistakably derivatives of the one same word in respective of which derivatives should belong to, thus contributing to another factor that related words in one word entry or an article are good candidates for Wiktionary links. You might want to take a look and read at this category page they have in store in the English Wikipedia and also this (despite it has not been confirmed suitable here yet due the many dissimilarities between English and Malay affixes together with their grammar) from that huge Wiktionary which I have found not so long ago. Hence, are we not trying to make this a comprehensible online Malay dictionary beneficial or not? Or we just have to halt it and then leave it as it is with no more than a byte of minimal lexicon volume?

7) ".....Tapi jangan tiru bulat2, nanti melanggar hak cipta."

Jawapan saya: Oh, man! Now that is absolutely not true and I beg to differ! Are you sure and did I really copy or imitate exactly everything one-hundred percent head-to-toe from the Standard Malay Dictionary alias “Kamus Dewan” directly clear-cut into this Kamus Wiki? Think again! Mind you, it is fully understood that all of the word entries listed completely inside that general vocabulary tome finder does not contain section-titles nor any other form of major divisions with subheadings unlike in this Wiki-Kamus. In addition to that above and beyond, the content’s format of “Kamus Dewan” is also rather diverse in comparison with this Malay Wiktionary in respect with their incongruous all-inclusive wording layout. The truth is that I only used it more of a main reference only as a focal point for this Wiktionary albeit I truly did utilised it most of the time when it comes to editing it, NOT an act of plagiarism. Nevertheless, I am yet to seek their consent or permission over this issue in the hope that they would return their sanction for this act. Meanwhile, I would like to enquire why is there a wikipage shown here in existence which appears to be accentuating and also advocating the full usage of “Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka” both founded and created by user Khairulkhalid? This prompts me instantly into deep wondering whether does this idea really indicate the complete or full use of “Kamus Dewan”, which is clearly and undisputedly one of the most prominent Malay language resources ever published or attributed by that aforementioned government institution!

Finally but not the least, it would be your manner of how in the topsy-turvy world did you protect one of the Main Page’s subtemplate wikipages, that is this Wiktionary page of Laman Utama/Pilihan. My bottom-line question concerning that page would be this: Why is it that I as a registered user could not edit into that page except that only you can and what sort of cascading protection are you giving? Is that subtemplate wikipage in the state of being under semi-protection or full-protection? I have really tried and tried no matter how many umpteen times I had done unto it but still I could not even “come into contact” or edit anything onto that page at all even if I had already logged-in, and thereupon what you are trying to do over that subpage might be causing all the other registered-users including me a big shatter to our hopes.

Having disclosed all that, why is it only limited to merely two administrators like you where you yourself alone are the only active sysop around this time of this Kamus Wiki and not accepting me and others to aid? Do you not think this is considered a little bit selfish? Assuming that the number of word-entries increases overtime in an accelerating rate into the coming future, how are you going to handle or manage inserting recently-created word-entries in large amounts into that aforementioned subpage just by taking matters into your own both hands? Therefore, in my earnest request, as long as there is not even one unwanted damage or vandalism happen onto that subpage, could you please grant or allow us to have the freedom of adding new words collaboratively into it as well by just adjusting the unprotection style down until the level where at least you would carved some spaces enough for the sake of the whole community of registered Wiktionarians around here in order that they are able to edit in that Main Page’s subpage without any fuss. Thank you.

Trusting to hear it from you .....somehow! onWheeZierPLot 20:41, 21 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

WHAT IS THIS?!! How dare you mention it to me like that? That is almost like an act of coercion, and your impulsive execution of mass-page-obliteration is definitely not going to be the fair or best answer nor it is the proper way to resolve or to curb all those Indonesian-related pages! Apparently you are acting rather hastily at this unfavourable-cum-busy time of my hour here and often you are also so hard to please at times like this! How much more do you want me to inform you repeatedly or again-and-again until you truly pay heed to what I was trying to explain? “Sigh!” What you have decided is not a very good move and it is clearly unacceptable in criterion-wise. Furthermore, you are being universally reverted because even when I brought my previous discussions many times here to your attention it appears that you dismissed certain minute-but-significant topics plus the idea of patience and fastidiousness in your doing but instead you began making unilateral deletions. Not to mention whether it is your failure or your ignorance of noticing my stressing clause ".......where its words are initials of "(a letter)" will soon be put in here afterwards......." inside my edit summaries that have incurred upon you to do against those wiki-pages. For me, this is intolerable.
Why could not you just be patient enoungh to wait until I am totally done with my current multipage-creating task? Bear in mind that they are still under construction; that is to say, there are six more last initials left from that list to go on and I have not fully completed with that task yet! Then, why do you have to interrupt me right now concerning that matter of what I am industriously working? For that reason’s sake, please leave them as it is and stop being so delete-happy! Let me focus or concentrate on what is of my present priority first then only will I reply it to you about that situation over there and also the rest from what you also have highlighted immediately once after I finish filling up those Indonesian-related contents. OK? Finally the risky part of writing this to you is, presently there is a terrible thunderstorm of heavy downpour for several hours occurring in my hometown when I received your latest note unanticipatedly whilst my replies of this two-paragraphed message which I am typing it to you here right now! “Oh, man!” This is just “terrific”, NOW WHAT??!!! >:-( onWheeZierPLot 18:37, 26 April 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Please read and perceive carefully at that whole statement in which you have extracted from there one more time, particularly the one before it! I strongly disagree of what you are trying to prove to me about it! Considering that you are referring to that Wikipedian page from the English Wikipedia instead from the English Wiktionary, you apparently missed out the first paragraph from that aforementioned section of "Template redirects". Delving into that section deeply, it is written that "A template T2 can be redirected to another template T1. This creates an alias (T2 is an alias for T1). The alias name T2 can be used instead of the "real" template T1." Hence, try not to mislead yourself by giving unadvocated witnesses! Besides, I thought one of the tasks which most administrators like you do is that they could manoeuvre or handle and fix such redirection chaos or disorder, for that reason the complexity of redirects rerouting to a page should not be a problem or an issue, maybe like for instance the method of moving pages, and then delete the other in respect with what page has already been moved after it.
Secondly, just because they are both connected Wikisite's sisters in common, take note that not all policies and guidelines found in Wikipedia can also be fully applied in Wiktionary, needless to say, for Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia and Wiktionary is a dictionary! Since this is a Wiktionary and as far as this free-online-dictionary is concern in which we are still in progress of working on plus upkeeping, greater emphasis, focus, and concentration should fall, must be followed, or abided within the scope of the Wiktionary's basic principles, not necessarily Wikipedia so to speak. And thirdly, similar with what I have done to another template page of "Palang tinjau peribahasa" nearly a month ago (precisely twenty-six days ago), as according to what I have mentioned already somewhere inside the above first two paragraphs of this talk section of mine here, no matter how persistent you are or how many times you have exterminated those seemingly logical-naming redirect pages all in one shot without any of your careful thought of sifting them out, the same way I will soon retrieved them one-by-one again. Unless you come out and present me with some of your genuine hardcore facts or evidences on why was it prohibited to do so. Thank you. onWheeZierPLot 06:43, 17 Mei 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Nuvola apps important yellow.svg
Aurora, how many times do I have to inform you not to obliterate those same redirect pages again overtime and when are you going to learn about it? I find that you are oddly bias in doing things too, as evidenced with what I have seen from the Special: Recent Changes page last night about two days ago, I thought you would or might also even delete the other redirect pages altogether especially all the ones that redirect to the template page of "Palang tinjau peribahasa" on that day (i.e. Friday, 18th May, 2007AD), but you did not. If those above-mentioned leftover redirects have not been deleted yet, then the you-deliberately-made-them-"extinct" redirects originally created by me that reroute to another template page of "kembang senarai" should NOT be deleted as well. Are not both Wiki-template pages? In addition from that, since you are so adamantly wanting me to substantiate them (that is, referring to all redirected template pages existed from foreign Wikisites) to you whether this multiple redirection stuffs are an acceptable custom in other Wikis, well alright, let me show or present you my two selected templates here below with every one of them comes from one major-cum-distinguish Wikisite each (As a matter a fact, these below are just far more the very tip of the whole Wikipedian iceberg — they are just too many to count and take in here! You know I cannot absorb in such gargantuan amount!), and one-by-one they are accordingly as follows:
      1. In the English Wikipedia, one typical example relating with this multi-redirection case would be the multi-redirected Wiki-template of WPBiography, in case you did not notice how many they are right now, so far up until today this exceptionally unique-for-its-most-linked template page currently has a total of NINE page-linked redirects!!! And namely they are Template:Musician, Template:BioWikiProject, Template:Broy, Template:Bio, Template:WikiProject Biography, Template:Wpbiography, Template:BRoy, Template:BIO, and finally not forgetting Template:WikiProjectBiography. Savvy?
      2. Likewise, also in the English Wiktionary, it would be the exemplary Wiki-template called US, touted as one of the most notable for being the most-used templates I have ever found from there known amongst for its most multi-connected reroute pages, and is ranked the second most-linked template page within that largest and the most popular Wiktionary after Template:slang. Again in case you did not know the number of pages it has been redirected, so far up till now or this time the aforementioned template page presently has linked to SEVEN page redirects!!! And namely they are Template:America, Template:American, Template:American English, Template:U.S., Template:US English, Template:U.S. English, and lastly not missing out Template:USA. Get it?
Are you convinced and satisfied now? Now how are you going to explain to me about those? After all these bestowing of a few claims here to you, I could not comprehend why is it so reluctant of you to venture out daringly or boldly so as to find out for yourself or to do a few self-investigations at your own discretion of what I have already mentioned regarding this is true! That is indeed weird of you, I think! Lagipun, seperti apa yang engkau telah sebutkan di muka perbualan saya pada sembilan haribulan Mac, Jumaat yang lalu, nampaknya anda juga masih belum mahir dalam kebiasaan dan kesiasatan perantaraan Wiktionary atau Wikipedia yang lain secara mendalam. “...kesian...”
Truthfully speaking, ever since right from the beginning when I first arrived here, I sincerely felt that it has devastatingly bothered me a lot that I continuously helped to build up and mushroom or grow this Wiktionary project, the Malay Wiktionary a la Kamus Wiki, that somehow and simultaneously, however, you are impeding me willfully in this way — not to mention it has happened umpteen times in the past, and yet this project itself seem to have little chance of radically improving. In the end of all these issues, suppose you are still so obstinate and so unteachable, I might have no choice but to distrust you completely (possibly henceforth) and someday you will perchance be reported to that Wikipedian Administrators' Incidents Noticeboard page or the Wikipedians' Request for Arbitration page govern by the Arbitration Committee over there as my last resort or my ultimatum alternative from the main Wikipedia in which I had present it to you here before on the 21st of April, exactly four weeks ago IF this similar incident persists to continue. I am not sorry about it, despite that even if you want to block me indefinitely or not or whatever admin-action you are going to take later (as what has occurred against me previously from my former userpage back in the English Wikipedia over there), this is also probably your last warning from me concerning this recurring matter. Nevertheless, thank you for paying attention towards all these and have a good day. onWheeZierPLot 19:12, 20 Mei 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Wiktionary:Laman Utama/Pilihan

Gee, now only you understand, can edit already, thank you for permitting me to fill in some new words into that Main Page's subpage again, at last! onWheeZierPLot 06:10, 16 Mei 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sahutan saya mengenai alihan berhuruf besar.

Aurora, I just want you to know that I am not creating any "sia-sia" redirects neither they are in whatever form. The objective of me doing this is because I could not be unbothered by the fact that there are still Wiki-redirects with uppercase words remained inside this Kamus Wiki and no one, not even one administrator up till now goes and addresses such imbalance defects. This unresolved matter has been "haunting" me for months from the very beginning until now and I have been frowning upon them whenever I passed them by. Figuratively speaking, they remind me of animal's fleas strewing all over unkempt - causing me want to fall sick like living hell. Do you not think about this would pose an unfair share for other Wiki-word entry pages lacking those aforementioned redirects (although most of the redirects are former Wikipages that had already moved)? Apparently but unfortunately without you noticing it to gain or realize what is actually going on around here, you intend to make them extinct at your own freedom of choice similar like what you habitually did last time like duck to water. How could you do such an unsympathetic and punitive thing?

As it is written from the English Wiktionary regarding redirections between lowercase and uppercase words, primarily its first two paragraphs, it did NOT mentioned at all whether word entries with redirects of uppercase words should, must, or ought to be deleted, please read carefully before any act of elimination is taken. Albeit case-sensitive, it says that "In the above example, Work could redirect to work", and the next thing it says is "although...", but that does not exactly implies mandatorily, for in this particular case, needless to say, "although" means "granting or in spite of the fact that". (Source: Extracted from the standard Microsoft Network's Encarta Dictionary.) Not surprisingly, even that Wiktionary page also have its own redirects — two of them and they are: here and here!!!

Let me give you a tip off just in case it happens again: If you leave them partially undeleted or unless you delete the rest of the other uppercase redirects down to the ground as well which they are contained inside this Wiktionary (not to miss out the entire ex-Wikipages that turned into redirect pages), I will retrieve and recreate those unfinished ones including the ones you have exterminated recently, in view of the existed uppercase redirects of word-entry pages. It is only justified and reasonable either when there is uppercase or lowercase redirects being fully applied for all word-entry pages or nothing at all. Not half-yes-'got' and half-no-'do-not-have' within the same dictionary. Thank you. ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 07:01, 22 Jun 2007 (UTC)

Isu terjemahan dan peristilahan

Saya merasa amat sedih dengan trend penterjemahan dari bahasa inggeris ke bahasa melayu dewasa ini. Perkataan-perkataan seperti tren, tona, templat, dan banyak lagiu sewenang-wenang nya dimelayukan. Saya berharap ada usaha-usaha yang lebih gigih untuk mendapatkan terjemahan yang lebih tepat sebelum bertambah rosaknya bahasa melayu. Perkataan template saya kira lebih sesuai diterjemahkan kepada Acuan daripada templat. Ini adalah cadangan dari saya dan sebarang komen adalah dialu-alukan. --Helmi 13:15, 1 Julai 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]


Hai Aurora,
Saya ingin tahu kenapa anda merasakan perlu membuang alihan, ini kerana saya dapati laman huruf besar di hadapan berbeza dengan huruf kecil. Oleh itu, ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ tidak membuat kesalahan dengan membuat laman alihan. Ini berbeza dengan Wikipedia, di mana sistem secara automatik menghuruf besar rencana. Ini kerana ia memakai versi Wiki yang berlainan. Yosri 12:39, 5 Julai 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Excuse me Yosri dan Aurora, saya nak bercakap tentang perkara ni. Saya dah cuba taip "Nombor" dan "nombor", namun kedua-duanya bawa saya ke laman yg sama! Jadi ternyatalah User:On Wheezier Plot melakukan kerja sia-sia... --Edmund The King of The Woods! 09:41, 7 Julai 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Kalau dia betul-betul dah insaf, baguslah. Hehe, saya telah berbuih mulut di sekitar sini tetapi belum membuat sumbangan yang sebenar (tambah perkataan). Setahu saya, perkataan Bahasa Melayu diutamakan, namun sebenarnya bolehkah saya tambah sesuatu perkataan asing seperti Bahasa Inggeris atau Cina tapi maksud dlm Bahasa Melayu?
Maaf kerana saya agak sibuk di Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu dan Wikipedia Bahasa Inggeris. Mungkin tunggu sampai bulan Disember nanti saya akan beraksi di sini! --Edmund The King of The Woods! 01:19, 8 Julai 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Terima kasih! Tapi sekarang saya agak sibuk, tak ada masa nak menyumbang di sini... Rasanya setakat ini saya hanya dpt tolong mengemaskan Wiktionary ni... --Edmund The King of The Woods! 08:58, 10 Julai 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Nama buruk

Tolong sekat pengguna ini dgn alasan nama buruk, User:PolyBot. Nama ini mengelirukan dgn robot. Anda harus tau bahawa perkataan "Bot" dlm nama hanya dibenarkan utk robot-robot. Terima kasih. --Edmund The King of The Woods! 17:39, 8 Ogos 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Saya sudah periksa Special:Listusers. Sesebuah robot akan ditanda dgn (bot), seperti User:MediaWiki default. Tapi PolyBot ni tidak ditanda pun! --Edmund The King of The Woods! 13:45, 9 Ogos 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Oh ya, satu lagi, User:RCBot. Walaupun laman pengguna mengatakannya satu robot, namun juga tidak ditanda di senarai pengguna! Anda harus suruh tuan kepunyaannya flag the bot, saya tak pasti... --Edmund The King of The Woods! 13:48, 9 Ogos 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Sekatan anda terhadap User:On Wheezier Plot

Tolong jgn bertindak mengikut emosi. Dan tolong jaga mulut sendiri. Jgn anda cakap org "tak guna akal", kurang sopan. Biarpun memang bodoh pun tidaklah berdosa! Kalau sayalah anda, saya hanya akan beri amaran sekali. --Edmund The King of The Woods! 18:35, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Saya tau, tapi masalahnya, anda dah lenyap dari sini beberapa hari baru nampak OWP buat perkara yg "Tak guna akal" ni. Kalau ini pertama kali, anda sepatutnya ajar dia dulu, tak kira sudah berapa banyak dia buat! Kita manusia kan boleh kawal emosi sendiri!? Anda penyelia, saya juga penyelia di Wikipedia, kita yg sbg rakan sekerja di Wikipedia ni sepatutnya tau juga batasan sendiri dlm penggunaan kuasa penyelia. Sekatan cuma boleh dilakukan terhadap org yg melakukan vandalisme, mencarut berturut-turut, melancarkan peperangan suntingan (edit war)... dan bukannya cuma "perkara sia-sia" atau "perkara tak guna akal" ini! Dan alasan anda "Inserting false information" cuma boleh pakai pada perlakuan seperti vandalisme secara bergurau (e.g melayan Wiktionary ini sbg UnDictionary yg bertujuan bergurau), memasukkan maklumat yg memang mengarut... Dan OWP cuma masukkan templat yg tak sesuai aje, saya rasa ini tidak boleh diterima sbg "maklumat palsu". Dan nampaknya ini pertama kali anda nampak perkara sebegitu, tak bolehkah anda bagi org satu kali peluang utk mengubah kelakuan sendiri!? --Edmund The King of The Woods! 17:16, 3 September 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Nuvola apps important.svg
First of all, I am gravely disappointed and utterly dissatisfied with you on the manner which you have recently inflicted upon me a few days ago for what I have done here, and I think you still had a seemingly-chronic problem with assuming good faith with other Wiki-editors primarily me, given that where all of those which I was editing were mostly made out of edits in good faith – honestly it was unintentional, and I did not know or realize that there are non-existent articles in its sister Wikipedia! For this reason, what in the damned devil are you actually doing? I just could not comprehend holistically on why I was imposed with another block for the second time; worse still, it was twenty-four times much longer than the first! "Sob!"
Since then, I immediately tried to have a look back in the English Wikipedia's blocking policy by clarifying as well as to ensure the truth of what you have said regarding whether was there any policy mentioned of user being or should be blocked for providing misinformation, but in fact on what I had discovered after reading the whole of it, I cannot find anything at all that is directly connected at such! Hence, how can you be a hundred percent correct in what you execute by prohibiting me unethically from my editing while I was merely attempting to add in so as to improve by helping out those word entries? This shows that you never adhere to that blocking policy after all and yet you still have the right to deem or to position yourself as a Wiki-administrator? Huh, very weird and ironic indeed! If you feel completely skeptical of what I said is untrue, go ahead and prove me erroneous about that page after you have finish revising it!
Thirdly, you never informed me earlier about this, feeling that you could not endure such number of repeated counter-actions by yourself, in other words, to keep-on getting rid entirely all of those Wikipedia templates in every word entry feasible, and then you instantly resort into something punitive which is by blocking me! How is that going to help? This comes to my conclusion where I suspect that you are solely following towards your own freewill together with your own emotion, which is obviously, clearly, and totally unacceptable, so much so as to disparage the respect and the consideration of others. As a matter a fact, the best way to handle this is to tell me on what and where did it went wrong so that I can solve those pages as fast as I can, not blocking. However and unfortunately, what you have done is the complete opposite to what I have expected, without asking others in assisting you to resolve the aforesaid mistakes. "Aduhai!"
Moreover, your reason implied for the cause of obstruction taken from the second block log’s edit summary was downright misinterpreted. Seriously, I really did not provide any inaccuracies onto those entry pages!!! Thus, how dare you say that what I did of those embeds are considered as “inserting false information” plus what in the downside-up universe are you talking about?? That is really something which made me thoroughly confounding on what you are trying to charge me with! Even now I do not get it due to the act of linking those pages to non-existent Wiki-articles which I had put each of them there respectively does not strongly constitute as providing fake knowledge since there is absolutely no information (either genuine or bogus) ever existed at all in non-existing pages, of course! "My goodness!" Why is it so hard for you to understand all these simple stuffs?
To expound that even further for your actual information, such practice of interwiki-linking to unreal articles in the English Wikipedia is very common. It is so widespread and prevalent that many of its administrators working over there tend to overlook such habit made by its ordinary users. What is more? Wikipedians are NOT block for such doing because there will always be the higher probability of different users who will soon create those unreal pages in other Wikisister projects of its related articles that linked to it. Who knows that in this Malay Wiktionary, similarly these Malay-Wikipedia-linked templates could have been there for possible future improvement reasons just in case certain articles linked to it will be created by somebody else in the time to come? Despite that I was actually quite hesitant on non-Malay word entries, never the less I truly do not appreciate having it removed without so as much as by your leave on my talk page just like that.
In a nutshell, it is with great alarm and sadness to know and learn only recently that one's contributions are no longer deemed precious in the eyes of the Wikicommunity particularly those in higher places who do not hesitate to take over one's user accounts such as by blocking it just for their own gain of what they feel or think it is fair and just but are not often viewed straightforwardly to all people in general. You know what? I fully agree with what Edmundkh has elucidated to you is right and I concurred him having stated from both of his messages above. As I have told you before in my previous arguments so far from here, I have promised to myself in affirming my stand in critical of you to whatever injustice that has already occurred against me. Truthfully speaking, it is undisputedly you should be the one who ought to be thinking in the coming future concerning on all these unresolved matters of ours. Until today as I have experienced throughout my life as a Wikieditor both in and out, I have known you as one of the most complicated Wikipedians-cum-administrators I have ever encountered. And for that in mind, I will cease from communicating with you anymore beginning from now onwards, owing to that inevitable block whereupon I was unjustly received. Therefore, this would be my final message to you: LEAVE ME ALONE!!! ~ON·W·HEE·Z·IER·P·L·OT~ 08:48, 6 September 2007 (UTC)
Ya, sekatan anda sgt menjijikkan (maafkan saya kalau dah terkasar sikit). Anda satu-satu penyelia di sini tidak bermaksud anda boleh bermaharajalela di sini! Saya berharap anda masih berasa terhutang budi terhadap On Wheezier Plot. Dia telah sokong anda menjadi penyelia dulu, tergamak anda sekat dia dgn alasan "had sendiri"!? Saya bukannya cakap anda boleh biarkan dia saja buat apa yg dia suka seperti vandalisme, tapi anda memang dah terlalu kejam! Alasan limit anda sendiri memang tak boleh diterima! I really cannot bear to see your dictatorship here. --Edmund The King of The Woods! 08:53, 6 September 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]
Anda menuduh dia letakkan kategori kpd templat-templat tanpa memeriksa, tapi saya rasa perkara tentang templat Wikipedia pula perkara lain, saya rasa tak berbaloi anda sekat seseorg hanya kerana dia "tak guna akal"!? Lagipun, anda tak boleh jangkakan dia begitu pandai. Dan tentang banjir perubahan terkini pula, saya rasa tak salah dia begitu, sebab dia satu-satunya pengguna yg aktif di sini, manakala anda pula? Anda hanya datang beberapa hari sekali. Saya tau anda juga perlu sibuk di Wikipedia, tapi bagaimanapun, pokoknya anda memang tak boleh salahkan dia kerana membanjiri "perubahan terkini" di sini. Org yg tanpa nama tu dari Wikipedia Bahasa Inggeris, mungkin dia tak tau keadaan di sini, oleh itu dia pergi marah OWP. Saya rasa biarpun OWP gunakan "Tunjuk paparan" dgn baik, dia tetap akan membanjiri senarai itu! Kalau anda rasa banjir itu memang menjijikkan, ada satu cara - anda meluangkan lebih masa di sini! Atau - cuba tarik lebih org dari Wikipedia utk datang! --Edmund The King of The Woods! 07:05, 7 September 2007 (UTC)Reply[balas]