Perbincangan templat:cmn-noun

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Usage: {{cmn-noun|(form)|tra=|sim=|tas=|pin=|pint=|mw=|rs=}}

You should preferably include all forms: one as the headword (identified by the first parameter), the others by the named parameters.

The first parameter is the form of the headword (pagename):

Thus on you use t, on you use s, on you use ts, and on you use p.

Other parameters are:

  • tra= traditional form (optional, use if not t or ts)
  • sim= simplified form (optional, use if not s or ts)
  • tas= traditional and simplified form (if p)
  • pin= Pinyin (optional, use if not p)
  • pint= Pinyin with tone numbers (e.g. ci2dian3); used for category indexing
  • mw= The associated measure word, e.g., for five dictionaries one writes 字典 (the measure word is ) so the entry for 字典 includes mw=本 (optional)
  • rs= radical/additional strokes for category indexing, e.g. 辛12, stroke count must be 2 digits (required if not p)

Note: there is no parameter for Wade-Giles romanization.