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Bahasa Inggeris

Kata nama[sunting]

vape (jamak vapes)

  1. Kependekan bagi vaporizer.

Kata kerja[sunting]

vape (kini selapis mufrad diri ketiga vapes, partisipel kini vaping, lampau selapis dan partisipel lampau vaped)

  1. (intransitif) Menyedut wap yang telah dihasilkan oleh rokok tidak boleh bakar, yang paling umum rokok elektronik.
    • 2007 December 18, SmokeyJoe, "Well it's not smoking....So what is it?" [1], e-cigarette-forum:
      "E-smoking" is a bit of a handful, "Misting" sounds far too fey, "Vaporizing" or "Vaping" has drug connotations. There must be a better word for my new hobby! Suggestions?
    • 2008 March 2, marian00, "Re: NJOY International" [2], e-cigarette-forum:
      I have received both my Sedansa and Njoy ciggies. ... They vape about the same. I can drip in both cigs, whether into the atomizer or into the filter. ... The e-cig minicig from .......... sucks -- and I don't mean literally. I can't get anything out of them. I don't like their pipe either. It vapes plenty; you just can't inhale and exhale much of anything.
    • 2008 April 24, TropicalBob, "Re: Now that's smoking!" [3], e-cigarette-forum:
      "Vaping" is just a fancy way to avoid the term "smoking", since smoking is illegal everywhere and these things don't burn anything and don't produce second-hand smoke.
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